New naming convention on Facebook


Mr. Naijarules!
Rudie! Rudie!! Rudie!!! How many times I'm talking ya name? I dey coffee shop dey spit coffee all over the floor - now dem wan ban Africans. No find mine tromble with this laugh you dey cause.

Holy Cow; them don call ponlice! No problem, if it reach court, name wey ponlice go call no go be the same as name me go tell Judge. It's so good to get off skotsfree on a plonouciation techinikality. I love mine name!!

My bros, no be small thing O! I'm sitting here laughing like a mad persin! :roll :roll


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My bros, no be small thing O! I'm sitting here laughing like a mad persin! :roll :roll
Oga H, I fear return to this thread on full belle of coffee... na so them wan turn me from spitting cobra to... oh sorry, spitting coffee to wetting myself. I dey come, make I go supamanket go buy one box of nappy. My phone dey hand... na Tam-Tam I go call make she told me the right one to buy bekos na she cause my new laugh ailment!


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LOL, people. You guys just used my papa name as guinea pig in your onyeocha lab.

When i was in FUTO in Nigeria, some toasters used to call my Ebere-chai (Eberechi) and my friend whose name is Chioma - Chayomay! gosh, did that piss me off.


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Do you know how many reporters Kanye West had to physically beat up to make that "ny" sound in his first name? But we? Haba, one Edwin Muofunanya sharp-sharp turned his name to Eddy Muffy! Nathaniel Eze Okoli became Nathy O'King, Benneth Ugwu is now Benny Hill! Nkiru Oku is Nikky Fires! Lewis Akaike is Louis Armstrong! And our poor Kenechukwu Stephen Nwatu sharpned up as Ken Stewart!

I live at Awkunanaw Enugu which is a colonial manipulation of Oku-na-ano, Enu Ugwu. Even Oka citizens proudly beat their chests screaming: I come from AWKA! No be small thing o! Facebook only borrowed a hoe to finally bury the already killed "effizzyy".
Jah Jehova!!!! How do u come up with shit like dis??????? :roll :roll !!! I almost chocked on air wey I dey naturally breathe O! And it is almost midnight here, I sure say the next dorr naighbor heard my loud laffter!!! !!!

Rudeboi!!! You no go kill person!!!!! Benneth Ugwu aka Benny Hill! Ha ah ah ah ah ah ah


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I think you should blame your ancestors for acquiring a family name that has no potentials, whatsoever, to be unNigerianized!
Village Boy has already tushed out something but you are still screaming "blood of Jesus" all over his kind effort?
Well, let's see: How about "Oh Gbuo Now"? And oyibo version of this oyibo version, something like, "Oh Bow Now!" meaning you are from a royal lineage which I know it's true!
Chai!! Wetin carry me log into NR now? Shebi I for just go sleep jejely? My ribs dey pain me! lololololololol

Oh Gbuo Naw? Bros, na the 'GB' pronunciation be the yawa! I am interested in the breaking down of that 'GB' so that I can write it out in phonetics for oyibo people, seeing that my hubby's name has 'gb' in it too! I don tell am say na his first and middle name go be my official names when I decide to change all the govt names docs!

But seriously, make we talk true, there are some names wey our ancestors give us wey dem no plan for oyibo to pronounce keh! Those tongue twisters should be left in the villages! Imagine how the name 'Shaneequah' 'Tashalokin' 'Qualmilaanisha' and all other 'akata' sounding names sound to your ears, I bet that is how some thick naija names sound to oyibos!


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Eejayawma Awg-bawnaah, pleased to meet you. My name is M-g-bae-kae M-g-baw-for. Have you met my friend Awlaryaemee Aakeentoondae? We were class mates in Aek-pawma University in Aedo State.

I am speechless! I bite my tongue as I try swallow back from choking!

Ewwwww!!! Somenbody help me!!!! It is too late at night for this Rudeboi and Tam-Tamd and VBoi's cracking of ribs!!! Thank God I don eat before I log on! Or dem for invent new crime for una 'Homicide by over-funny joke'! Dang!


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hmmmmmm...... I can twist my middle name to Eejayohmah.......but, pray, who can help, how would ogbonna be twisted?
Ah ya own dey easy nah. Don't claim yeye English, claim promper Irish - for exhamples you will O'Sullivanise ya name to O'bonarr hahahaha. Na you hask kwishion ;)

Ok, does that mean that there is NO 'UnNigerianianizing' of 'Ogbonna'? Haba!
See above teehee!