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Letting loose in the homvie,'ULTIMATE RISK'.

Letting loose in the homvie,'ULTIMATE RISK'.
i watched him in a movie about epilepsy...i wasnt impressed...and why do they always have to show irritating foamlike substance gushing out of a person's mouth...they must warn viewers of such...
@ tally, I think he did well in that movie, but I did not also like seeing the foaming part.
He was not supposed to look pretty in this shot.He was meant to look mean and menacing,and that effect came out very nicely in that shot.
Maybe i should remind folks one more time that this gallery section is about screen captures of different nuances of emotions displayed by actors and actresses on the screen,and not just about them looking pretty for the camera.
pls, whoever that told this guy he can act has surely misled him. his acting skill is annoying and his dressing is terrible especially his different color of suits that he wears.

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