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Exclusive image of the yet to be released Osuofia in London 2 by KINGSLEY OGORO PRODUCTIONS.

Imported Item
Sola, Feb 22, 2004
    • moviewizard
      nice...i hope the part two would be better
    • solatoks
      with this idea of a part three abeg it'll just bore one out
    • mekus
      When is it coming out. Make them hurry up
    • Sola
      Court case slow am down
    • chollis4life
      i don vex for them! why dem no wan release the movie? E'be like say junkiebutter don enter this mather.
    • Udokamma
      i think that this movie is very well put together, maybe because they filmed it overseas but i think that the idea is very good. maybe other prouducers shown take note. i also think that kingsley ogoro is an excellent producer and so is he's production company.good luck and keep reaching for da stars...
      i love this movie and i can't wait for part two.
    • gold_1639
      Haven't seen the movie yet, but just seeing the pic got me lmao!!! I can only imagine how the movie's gonna be...Can't wait to see it!!!
    • silvybray
    • Sola
      What in the world are you talking about Silvybray? You really don't have to post a comment everywhere you know!
    • taiwo
      nice film, quality picture, beautiful setting etcetera etcetera
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